We specialize in national and international refrigerated transportation. We operate in the European Union in line with CMR Convention. Refrigerated trucks marked with our logo can most often be found on the roads in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. If transportation requires maintaining certain temperature inside the trailer and permissions for food products transportation, we are there.
Our fleet consists of tractors with refrigerated semi-trailers with the capacity of 22 tons and loading space of 13.6 loading meters. We also provide standard height refs (2.65 m.), double deck refs and two chamber refs for transportation of goods in two different temperatures. We specialize in transporting half-carcass on hooks. Our specialized semi-trailers with 500 hooks each, are equipped with European and Danish system of pipes.

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All tractors have Euro IV and Euro V emission class certificates, refrigerators have valid ATP certificates, veterinary examinations as well as cleaning and disinfection book. Drivers have valid medical tests for the sanitary and epidemiological purposes. We provide clean and dry semi-trailers free from foreign odours, with the stamped booklet of wash and a set of pallets for exchange. After a completed transportation, on client's request, we offer a print out from the thermograph. During each transportation we monitor the cargo via GPS system with the possibility of viewing by a customer.
Personal service of each order will allow you to constantly monitor the course of transportation and cargo security.